• Parking


    EVENT PARKING – Go to stlouisparking.com – click on Special Parking Requests

    *9TH Street Garage – 905 Olive (Schnucks Culinaria)
    $7.00/car plus $50.00 utilization fee

    *7th Street Garage – 420 N. 7th Street (MX Theatre Building)
    $5.00/car plus $50.00 utilization fee
    They ask that you estimate high – they will refund on spaces not used. Can be booked no earlier than 90 days prior to event. We recommend that you do it promptly at 90 days. Prices can change due to events downtown. If you have any trouble or questions please call Emily at 314-241-7777 X118.

    * VALET – We have used
    Clayton Valet Services – 314-932-5748
    Midwest Valet Parking – 314-261-6764
    You may call them directly or you may use one that you prefer. Just let them know that the cars need to be parked at the 7th Street Parking Garage.

    *Meter parking
    $10/a day per meter plus a $25 fee
    There are 9 meters on our North 8th Street block (numbered 1721 to 1730) and 7 meters on Locust

    You can apply online for the street permit to block the curb lane (and the parking meters) in front of our venue, or you can go to the offices at 1900 Hampton (see address below) to apply in person.

    To apply online, go to the Street Department website (see link below), then select Blocking permit and fill out the online form. Please call our Permits Section at 647-3111 if you have questions or need further information.

    Department of Streets| City of St. Louis
    1900 Hampton Ave | St. Louis MO 63139
    ph: 314-647-3111 | fax: 314-768-2888

    Submit Online Permit Application - http://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/street/streetpermits-application.cfm
    Check Status of Your Permit Application - http://www.stlouismo.gov/government/departments/street/check-status-street-permit.cfm